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Viva Therapeutic Services: Mental Health First Aid Standard Training




This message confirms your registration for Mental Health First Aid Standard, an evidence-based program of the Mental Health Commission of Canada.  We’re excited to learn with you!  Please read this email in full as it contains important details about your training.


Your first step is to complete Module 1, which is self-directed and takes most participants about 2 hours to complete.  CLICK HERE to access Module 1 through the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s interactive Learning Management System, “Opening Minds”.

Your unique enrolment code, which you’ll be prompted for when you log in to access Module 1, is listed in the table below.  Please be sure to use only the code associated with your own name/email address.  Each code can be used only once to set up an account.


You can save your progress in Module 1 and pick up where you left off.  To complete the module you must pass a quiz at the end.  If you have any difficulty accessing Module 1, CLICK HERE to download a PDF document containing detailed instructions on how to set up your Opening Minds account and complete it.


Upon completion of Module 1, you’ll receive an email with the subject line “You earned a certificate”.  Your Module 1 certificate contains a bar code our office must scan before our virtual classroom time.  You must manually forward your Module 1 Certificate to our office ( by 48 hours prior to your virtual classroom training start time.  Your certificate will also be available for download from your Opening Minds account (which you’ve set up to complete Module 1).


CLICK HERE to download a PDF document titled Participant Handout, which is 11 pages.  This should be printed before your virtual classroom sessions as they’ll be used for group activities in Breakout Rooms.


For your convenience, here is a checklist of what happens next:

  • Take note of your Virtual Classroom date/time which will be on the Zoom platform:

    • Wednesday, February 7, 2024

    • 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM (Atlantic time) with 30 min. lunch break halfway through

      • Note: Participants must attend the session in full to be eligible for certification

    • Training facilitator: Elizabeth Eldridge

  • Complete Module 1 using your unique enrolment code

  • Check your email for your Module 1 Certificate, which will have a bar code on it (or download it from your Opening Minds account)

  • Forward your Module 1 Certificate as proof of completion to our office at no later than Monday, February 5th at 8:30 AM Atlantic time; you must manually forward your Proof of Completion certificate to our office, otherwise we will not know it’s been completed

  • Expect an email from us a couple of days before the start of your Virtual Classroom session containing the Zoom login details

  • Attend the Virtual Classroom modules (remember, participants must have their cameras turned ON for the duration along with a working mic)

  • Proudly show off your shiny new Mental Health First Aid certificate! You’ll receive this by email from the Mental Health Commission of Canada shortly after completing the course


Enjoy Module 1, and we’ll see you in the Virtual Classroom!

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