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Workplace Mental Health Training

Arpeggio Health Services offers a variety of training programs that are appropriate for the workplace.  Many organizations favour Mental Health First Aid as it's a standardized program carrying certification through the Mental Health Commission of Canada.  If your organization has a need for training related specifically suicide as opposed to broader mental health support concepts, both in person and virtual suicide prevention training is available as well.  All of our programs are available for private delivery, so if you're considering this please get in touch!  You can expect a seamless booking process and high caliber delivery of our programs, where participants not only enjoy their training experience but leave feeling empowered to take meaningful action on what they've learned.


For more customizable training on workplace mental health, Arpeggio's Founder and President Elizabeth Eldridge offers a robust training menu to help you tackle specific workplace challenges (check it out HERE).  You might also be interested in her blog, the Workplace Wellness Weekly.

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