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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between MHFA Basic, Standard, Youth and Seniors?

  • So MHFA Standard and MHFA Basic are the same, just one's in person and the other is virtual?

  • When will MHFA Youth and Seniors be available virtually?

  • How long is MHFA cert valid for? Do I have to take a refresher like I do with physical first aid certification?

  • What jobs/positions will MHFA certification qualify me for?

Doesn't change your job scope

  • When will sT be available virtually?

It won't, but stay tuned for QPR Gatekeeper... should be ready this spring!

  • What is AHS doing to help keep people safe during the pandemic?

  • What's your privacy policy?

Also update my bio incl downloadable PDF

Make better "Contact Us" form with unique URL

More push for EEC (add this to my bio and the About AHS page)

Change lightbox

Change info about covid-19

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