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It's time to start talking about mental health.

Arpeggio Health Services has helped thousands of Canadians
to do just that.

Our mission is to empower Canadians to initiate conversations and offer support to individuals who may be struggling with a mental health problem: in the workplace and in day-to-day life.  There are many misconceptions about mental health and mental illness, and many people who do have a desire to help aren't sure how to go about it.

"I'll hold off on bringing it up. Things will probably get better on their own."

"I'm sure if they wanted my help, they'd ask."

"I'm not a mental health expert, so how could I possible help?"

"A conversation about mental health? I don't want to make the person feel awkward."

"I'm not good at these sorts of things. I'm sure someone else will take care of it."

"What if I say something that makes things worse?"

"I don't really know what to say... so it's easier just to say nothing."

All too often, this lack of confidence and comfort with the topic of mental health means that an individual who is in distress doesn't get help.  By demystifying mental health and the steps involved in offering support, we empower participants in our training sessions to start the conversation and connect a person to the resources they need.


Talking about mental health doesn't have to be scary, and anyone is capable of providing help that could drastically change the outcome for a person who's struggling.

Arpeggio Health Services is proud to make mental health education available to Canadians who are ready to take meaningful action on making support more readily accessible.

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